Just a quick note of refreshing the s2r blog, its now back to being hosted on blogger, because... hummm it just works better like this, than using other schemes, still wondering if its better here or on tumbr hehehe ^_^


Final work is being done on yime (hentai/anime p2p search engine) and picult (anime avatar gallery), both are somewhat companions to the hentaish sites ^^


Muahahha another launch... the companion music video social network AKA vidcult.com to Soundcult is now online ^_~ one of the first fusions is the embeded music player... you can find it here at mp3 Soundcult well enjoy hehehe


Im trying something new... a full social microbloging experiment... its to mix it up with fiendish (both will integrate with time), its called criticising and its online muhahaha... basically micro critics that get plastered around cyberspace ^_^


New version of S2R is online hehehe


After some work... Buriko is now online ^-^ hurray


Quite a bit of work done, Hentaish has a new design, a new site is online ... in the form of Neechan (former Hentaish image board) yeah yeah but it's not just a new name its a brand spanking new name, more news soon ^^


Whuuu so little news, well anyway, Neechan.org is working really well, working now on improving reliability in the network (some downtime, slow speeds), as well as BB8.org and Vidcult.com ^^


Work in progress for vidcult.com as well as picult.com ^^


Even more domains, this ones are a doozy, work in progress on Hentaish.com , Slooge.com and Vidcult.com, also a slight redesign of Fanvid.org


Slight redesign of S2R (removed the "log" and put the.log muhahaha), well also work is underway on Pictult.com ^^


Work is underway on Hentaish.com , Fiendish.org and Soundcult.com ^^


Just 14h from thinking it, to finished, Fanvid.org has been launched today, what is it? Well it's more or less a Video Site, with a twist, it has a ultra minimalistic style, anyone can send videos in and comment on the videos, ohhh and unlike google and everybody else, we don't have betas, it's from idea to fully operational, if something breaks it's not our fault ohhh and we don't restrict content heheheh so it can be horror, it can be home made porn, it can be someone doing tricks, if it's good it will be there .... eventually


More domains ^^ hurray


New Design ^^ you can see the old one here, also spending some hours restructuring s2r management system (also we have been accepted on google hosted, so fussing that as well)


A couple of new domains ... funny stuff ^^


Massive Update to Soundcult.com, 8 new features and 28 "bug fixes", why so many bugs? Oh well we just like to call it bugs, in reality they are "beta features", but bugs sound better...


Added 4 new domains ^_^;


Soundcult.com is launched, Hurray ^_^; work is being re shifted to Solidvoid.com, and Andreia.org


Added a couple of new sections on s2r.


Work in progress with Soundcult.com, Psicotica.com and Ouvinte.com