Friday, November 07, 2008
Big improvements and news, so after ning shut us down, I've reworked panchira and turn it back on, it isn't perfect but it is getting there, still it is pretty good how i can change stuff and have complete control over the content and functions... unlike with ning where i had no control whatsoever, tentakle has also a new face... since kusaba (the software that used to run tentakle) stopped being developed, i've had to change the software used, after a bit of searching and testing, it is now working with new software and new visuals, more stuff on that soon and as well with a lot of other sites ^_^

Regarding ning, well i think ning is actually a pretty cool and somewhat stable platform, and i still think that it provides a lot of useful features and function for a lot of types of niche social networks, but despite that, this is what i think... hosting and software as a service is a mistake, it takes all your control... software, content... you are really not creating your own community you are like creating a facebook group and if facebook doesn't like it for whatever reason, they will shut you down and you will be burned and with no way back from all the posts you made and all the cute nice people you were friends with and all the investment of time you made and in the end that was my problem... my recommendation is, if you are going to make a small niche network about plain ordinary stuff (mons and dads, cooking, traveling) you are probably pretty safe with going with something like ning, even though i would probably recommend something like grou.ps or kickapps.com or wetpaint.com instead of ning, just cause i don't like how ning operates and how support works and how people are two faced, one day friendly and helpful the other they don't give you a second glance, that's is no way of addressing a paying customer or even a normal user... EVER! (gina bianchini you can kiss my cute ass), but if you want to have a thriving social network or forum or wiki that has a good chance of having a long and happy life, then do it yourself and get yourself some hosting and social network software (if you need help on that you can always contact me) and do it yourself, just do it... you will learn more, you will be able to have backups of everything and you and your friends will be happier ^_^

Regarding kusaba, well the developer decided to end it and do something else, that's cool... no point in dragging around your feet when you dont have the will to carry on, what i don't understand is the complete cut, dropping down his site, disappearing, not only did he lost a good asset with kusaba, he also dropped the ball on all his users, he could have made this a much nicer and simple transition (to his new software), but no... well now i don't trust his punk ass and i will probably never use his software ever again, even if its fantastic... cause most likely he will drop the ball again... silly stuff humm ^_^

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