Friday, November 14, 2008
Yay ^^ still working on new sites and improving several of the existing sites, just finished irred.com its a adult gif gallery, seems there arent really good ones out there, so there you go muahahah ^-^ it has like almost 1000 adult gifs, about 1.2 GB worth and i'll post more soon heheh, also i've reworked and upgraded tentakle.com , it should look cool and spanky... and it should work like a charm now (cleaner/quicker layout and new spam protections do make a diference) ^~^

Also work is being done on panchira.org (bug fixes, beta status), hentaish.com (reworking a bit of the layout and link section), on the 2 networks that also went down with the ning fiasco, vidcult.com is still in the works and slooge.com is on hold for now, and a bunch of other sites are still being worked on as usual hehehehe... thats about it for now

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