Ultimate Adblock Privacy List

[ For you guys that know how this works, the filter subscription url for ablock plus is http://p.oito.eu/privacy.txt ]

I was having a chat the other day about privacy and how the value of facebook is around not only the people/clients, but also everything you/upload/say on facebook is property of facebook and even when you are online all those like buttons, means they are still tracking you and selling who you are and what you do to the highest bidder...

That got me thinking, first thing i did was "clean up my facebook account", ill still use facebook its a great site and communication tool, and i know facebook works like a subversion repository and everything you do is recorded for all time, so my clean up is purely esthetic, but still this way not only is my facebook a bit cleaner but its also a reminder for me to not add more personal stuff there...

Next i searched around for that privacy protection, from Noscript, to an improvement on my hosts file (mine is already a beauty to behold, but more on that on another post), but i realized that i could use the awesome adblocking extension, adblock plus to do that job, especially cause i want for instance to block facebook or twitter buttons, but i dont want to block facebook or twitter, so i searched around and actually found they already have a couple of nice "privacy" filters, i put "" cause although good, they aren't as cutthroat as i want them to be, that took me to my next step....

My very own privacy filter for adblock plus, it isnt huge and its not all encompassing, i have no big issue with small vendors or even a big vendor knowing a bit about me, my issue is they know too much, so this adblock filter is more of a privacy crippler that in conjuction with my hosts file and adblock plain list, makes my web oh so much more wonderful and safe!

How to Install this Beauty

Its simple, get yourself a good browser like firefox or chrome (remember both these browsers already track some of what you do, so if you want to go private all the way go for SRWare or something), then find on their respective Add-Ons/Extensions sites Adblock Plus and install it, then on the adblock plus options you will see a Filter Subscriptions, just add a new one and put whatever name you want, like "Awesome Privacy List" and put this url http://p.oito.eu/privacy.txt and thats it! It will update itself once a week when i add or remove hosts, the original list is part my personal choices and the awesome privacy lists from Abine and Privacy Choice.

Note: Well this was shortlived! but mostly cause a few friends pointed out that other people were already doing this, so why should I! hehehe sorry, so check out Fanboys Anti Tracking+ Annoyances as well as Adversity! Its the ones i use and they kick ass!

Oito Mini Services

Over the years i've created some tools to help me out or just for fun, i had them all over on s2r.org, but i thought with the creation of oito.eu, it would be nicer to share those tools with everyone, the idea was always for them to be simple and fast, hey you might find them useful like i do!
  • oito.eu/ip > the most plain find your ip ever!
  • oito.eu/qr > quick and dirty qr generator, based on google's qr api
  • oito.eu/htm > full featured html editor, for those times where you forgot what was that tag
  • oito.eu/host > pulls the ip and hostname of a site
  • oito.eu/up > the most plain is this site up ever!
  • oito.eu/whois > fast simple whois
  • oito.eu/http > this one is to make quick checks on a site's headers and stuff

Update on the Anti-Spam Txt

In the never ending fight against spam, i decided to update my imageboard anti-spam list, but im also centralizing it and caching it (cdn and stuff on our oito.eu mirror domain), so its easier and quicker to use and update, so now the spam list is here at http://p.oito.eu/spam.txt just copy it over to your own spam list or just use as an extension! Voilá bad-guys gone!

As a note, it mostly includes common bad hosts,spam sites,short url providers and overall nasty sites that have spammed one of our image boards on one time or another, also if you think your site is wrongfully added to our spam list, then just send us a mail on the contact page and if you are right, we will remove you at once!

New Site - Yokatta

Hey hey new site, i introduce to you yokatta.org, its a plain and cute anime/japanese inspired wallpaper site! Always wanted one muhahahaha ^_^